Mom and Dad Questions

I would like my child to participate in HOBY, what is the process?

HOBY Ambassadors are selected and registered by their high school counselors. Eligibility requirements vary by school so please contact your child's guidance counselor for details on your school's HOBY process.

My child has been registered, what now?

Congratulations! You will soon receive more detailed information about what to bring and what to expect. The planning committee will send this information to you approximately 6 weeks before the event – the information may come via US mail or via e-mail, so be sure to watch for it. Make sure to mark the program dates on your calendar and get ready for a memorable experience. 

Does my child have to attend the entire event?

Yes, students registered in a HOBY program must be present for the entire event, including overnight for the Leadership Seminars and World Leadership Congress. If circumstances arise that prevent your child from attending the entire program he/she is registered for, we would like to give another student the opportunity to attend. Please immediately go to the high school counselor or principal who registered you and inform him/her of your situation. Please follow up without delay because a cancellation fee may apply.

What are the accommodations like?

HOBY participants will be assigned to dorm rooms on floors reserved exclusively for HOBY. A few weeks prior to the event, your planning committee will provide instructions on what you need to bring. Participants of all HOBY programs will receive nutritious meals and have an opportunity to inform us of any special dietary considerations prior to the event.

Will there be adequate adult supervision?

Absolutely! HOBY programs have a minimum of one adult (21 years or older) for every 12 students at all times. Students are never left unattended or allowed to walk across campus or the seminar site without supervision.

Can I observe the seminar or check on my student during the weekend?

We discourage having parents present during HOBY programs. This encourages the students to find their own voice and step out of their comfort zone. You may have your child call you to check in via their personal cell phone or public phone. However, phones must be turned off during sessions. For emergencies, you will receive a contact number to reach HOBY personnel in your program materials.

Will my child be safe?

HOBY has strict rules against hazardous activities and use of drugs, tobacco, etc. Students are closely supervised at all times. Most programs have a nurse or EMT on staff for illnesses and emergencies. Please be sure to sign a medical release so any required treatment at a local facility is not delayed.

Can my child carpool with other students to the seminar?

Due to liability issues, HOBY cannot organize car pools or provide transportation to or from the seminar. However, you are free to contact other area schools to arrange for shared transportation with their participants.

What should my child bring to HOBY?

Each student is provided with a packing list included in their program materials. These may vary by program depending on the specific events planned. Typical items recommended for all overnight programs include: alarm clock, camera, comfortable shoes, shorts and shirts (please meet school acceptability standards and avoid revealing clothing) and any required medication, including over the counter medicine. You may also need to bring bedding, towels, dressy clothes for a banquet, and a costume for a social event, depending on the events planned.

Will my child need spending money?

Some HOBY programs provide a HOBY Store for souvenirs. Your child may also have the opportunity to purchase a photo, slide show or video of their experience. $20 – 30 is usually ample to cover these types of items.

What if my child needs to take medication while at HOBY?

You will be asked to provide information about your child’s medication on program materials sent to you 6-8 weeks prior to the program, as well as provide a doctor’s note with your child. You will also be provided the Policy for Use of Medication During a HOBY Event.

What should I expect when I pick my child up at the end of the program?

HOBY can be a life changing experience for the students who attend. They have been exploring various topics related to leadership and service. They helped run the program by moderating panels, introducing speakers, and holding discussions on the various topics. They have met students from all over your area who are also future leaders and had an opportunity to question current local business and community leaders. They will most likely be exhausted and exhilarated at the same time and may not have much of a voice left! You may have dropped off a shy, quiet child. You will probably be picking up an outgoing, ambitious young adult. Encourage your child to share his/her experience at HOBY, as well as pursue what he/she hopes to accomplish as a result of her experience.